Why work with a Productivity Consultant?

I truly enjoy working with entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and leaders of teams 1:1 to help you strategize and customize the right systems and tools for your business needs. My goal is to learn what challenges and obstacles you are facing, what is holding you back so you can increase your overall productivity and bottom line.  

I know from my 15 years of experience, that when you have the right tools in place you are able to focus your attention on working within your genius zone and doing what you love most, building your business and creating the lifestyle you desire.  

So how can I assist you?

  • "Clarifying Your Vision" 
    • What is it that you ultimately want for you personal life and your business?
  • "Define Your Goals and Intentions" 
    • What are the top goals and intentions you want to accomplish and why they are important to you?
  • "Prioritize Your Action Steps and Create a Roadmap" 
    • Develop a step-by-step action plan with priorities and timelines to achieve your goals.
  • "Set Healthy Boundaries and Expectations" 
    • Tools that help you establish, and communicate your boundaries to create work-life harmony
  • "Develop Routines and Systems to Create Flow"
    • With streamlined systems and processes you eliminate the need to reinvent with wheel.
  • "Time Mastery Techniques"
    • Learn and utilize tips and tools that free up your valuable time, so you work less, and earn more.
  • "Communication Systems"
    • How to better manage your email and communication overload.
  • "The Power of Delegation"
    • Learn the art of delegation so you can focus on income producing activities.
  • "How to Incorporate Self-Care"
    • When we put ourselves at the top of the list, we are better equipped to help ourselves, our clients and build our business.  

As your productivity mentor, I'm here to help you create structure, organization, support and accountability to help you develop habits and routines that lead you and your business to the success you desire.  

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Our Services

Mini Planning and Strategy Sessions:

Do you have an idea, something you'd like to bring to fruition, but you don't know where to start and how to execute.  

Mini Strategy Sessions are a great way to outline your plan and execute it so you can attract clients in a unique and meaningful way. 

What does a Mini Planning and Strategy Session Look Like?

  • 90 Minute 1:1 Session
  • Brainstorming and developing your Vision
  • Turning your vision into a Strategy, and then
  • Create a step-by-step Action Plan with a Timeline along with all the tools you will need to make your vision a reality.

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Working together One - One:

Over a three-month timeframe allows you to transform your productivity, set realistic goals that you can accomplish goals, and develop a customized strategy that fits you and your business needs.  You will develop new skills, learn new tools, techniques and form habits that will automate your business so you can increase your bottom line.   

Your 1:1 experience will include:

  • One 1-Hour Discovery Call recorded via Zoom allowing us to:
  • A Deep Dive into your desired goals for the next 90-days.  
  • Peel back the layers to uncover what works, what doesn't and identify and obstacles holding you back.  
  • Six 1-Hour 1:1 Sessions recorded via Zoom.
  • Email and text communication as needed.
  • As your coach you you will have accountability, and support to keep you on track toward your goals.